Are you looking at 22 unwanted pounds on your body in 2022?
You CAN get 
them off!
Are you looking at 22 unwanted pounds on your body in 2022?
You CAN get them off!
The past two years have changed us — inside and out.
We’ve spent less time moving our bodies and more time self-soothing with food and other substances.
Do you feel guilty and ashamed about the unwanted fluffiness that has accumulated on your body?
Weight gain is a normal response to abnormal circumstances. It’s mostly emotional weight.
Does your body reflect your best self?
You are so much more than a number on the scale.
What if I told you that by taking as little as 22 minutes to perform a few non-equipment exercises, you can tighten fluffy pounds?
You’ll also get your blood pumping, feel less stressed and feel better able to cope with the chaos around you.
22 in 22 is part of the solution to getting your body back. Going from flab to fab is possible. 

The next 22 days can be the most powerful of your life. It’s the beginning of your New You!

A movement plan to get your fitness back on track in 22 fun, fitness-filled days.

In just 22 days you will rewire your brain to crave exercise again. Neurons that fire together wire together.

Practice the behaviors of healthy people by marking 22 days on your calendar to incorporate these new healthy habits.

Record 22 days of activity and watch the weight fall away. The more you track your efforts the more successful you will be.

Working together with others doing 22 in 22 increases your capacity to lose weight and become fit.

22 in 22 is part of the solution to getting your body back. Going from flab to fab is possible. 
In This 22-Day Workout Challenge...
Created specifically to torch unwanted pounds, you’ll follow a fitness plan that speeds up fat burning while melting off inches!

This no-equipment program is designed to shape-shift your body AND your mind.

You’ll have a whole new outlook on nutrition too!

You’ll be able to confidently push your fitness to the next level and feel healthier and more “at home” in your skin.

Your body will better reflect your BEST SELF. (It doesn’t hurt that you’ll love your shape more too!)
But all this in just 22 days?! 
What will you get?
→ A no-equipment-needed workout plan for 22 days

→ Detailed descriptions for each exercise

→ Videos demonstrating each exercise

→ Support from the Tosca Reno team – answers to every question and inspiration all the way!

→ Inspiration and motivation in the Clean Living Facebook group

A menu plan plus recipes based on the proven science of Eating Clean

But that’s not all!
You also get two BONUS workouts
  • BONUS WORKOUT #1 – a fat-blasting workout with equipment
  • BONUS WORKOUT #2 – a push-pull circuit for maximum fat burning
Did we mention you get a MENU PLAN?
  • A BONUS Eat Clean Menu Plan plus recipes, so you get results even faster!
  • You’ll be guided by Tosca Reno, NYT Best selling author, fitness coach and physique competition expert, multi-cover girl and age defying role model. She was a one time 204 pound obese woman gone slim!
  • The program is designed to maximize physique results by capitalizing on psychology and metabolic shifts incorporating brand new science.
  • This is a group challenge. Using the powerful psychology of working together, you’ll reach your goals easily and quickly.
  • Did you know that tracking results makes you 50% more likely to succeed? True! That’s why we’ll track and score throughout the 22 days.
  • PLUS… you’ll receive an eating plan based on the science of diet-induced thermogenesis. (That’s the Eat-CleanTM method!)
Get fit with 22 in 22 NOW!
We start together on July 22nd, 2022!


My Story is Just Like Yours
I was ordinary, overweight and purposeless. When I was 40, I was a newly divorced single mother, overweight, tired and depressed.

I had to remember how to care for myself again.
I set out to reinvent myself. I began to lift weights and competed in my first bodybuilding competition at 42. This was only the beginning. Once I figured out the “secret sauce” to eating and moving my body I knew I HAD to share it with the world.

I became a New York Times best-selling author, founder of the Eat-Clean Diet® health revolution, health and wellness expert, Star of a Gemini Award Winning reality TV show, and physique competitor.

You are stronger than you know.

Between 2011 and 2013 my stepson, Braden and second husband, Robert passed. Bankruptcy and the loss of my business followed. My life landed in ashes.

I knew how to Eat Clean and exercise but there was something missing. I searched for ways to soothe my heart and to calm my anxious mind and racing heart.
I know what it feels like to lose my way and find it again.

I discovered the missing link in my wellness and have found that bringing all three together is what will bring you the long-lasting health you desire, no matter what life throws at you. 
“Getting fit with Tosca has been transformational. The exercises were easy to follow and I didn’t need any equipment. They were highly effective! Learning how to unlock my own fat burning fire helped me shape a body that I now recognize as one I love. Thank you for showing me how.”
- S. Mayfield
"Tosca’s knowledge of physique shaping is invaluable. I feel as if I have learned a secret about myself. There is no mystery about how to keep myself in shape. Working with Tosca has been informative and highly motivational. Thanks to her I know I can do it too.”

 - B. Milton
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