Build the Healthy Life You’ve Been Longing for
With Tosca Reno’s
An intimate group coaching experience designed to put kick back in your step so you can look and feel your best. It’s time to start living the life of your dreams.
There’s greatness in you but you’re stuck. 
Your body and state of wellness don’t reflect this greatness. You don’t understand how you got so far from your goals to be lean, well and personally fulfilled.
I was there too.
Obese, lost, depressed and confused.  I’ve lived that pain.
  • You’re stuck and don’t know how to begin.
  • You lack consistency.
  • You’re confused about nutrition.
The more I dieted the heavier and more depressed I became. Something wasn’t working. I needed more than just help.
I needed the secret!

You can’t seem to achieve your ideal weight.
You're not sure what diet to follow or who to trust for weight loss advice. You’re so stuck you’ve eaten your way to an unhappy place and you’ve got “diet paralysis.” It keeps you from making any decision at all so you remain paralyzed and stuck.
You lack consistency. It’s too hard to make a plan and stick to it.
One day you’re committed to solving your weight and wellness problems. The next day you just can’t seem to stay on track. The on-again, off-again pattern is difficult to break. You just can’t seem to get it all straight. 

You’re confused about nutrition.
What’s with carbs and fat? How much protein should you eat?  When should you eat what? It’s too hard to sort out what is healthy and you certainly can’t tell when you get to the grocery store. Is anything really food anymore? Help!??

You’re intimidated by the
gym scene.

The machines look complicated and you think you’ll look foolish when it’s your turn to use them. Everyone at the gym looks like they have it all figured out but you. You spend hours doing cardio but you get zero results.  The waistband on your one and only pair of pants that fit, just keep getting tighter. WTF!!

You raised your family and gave them your best years.
Then life got complicated.  You show up every day but just barely. You feel you’ve missed the boat in terms of living your best life and you don’t know who you are anymore.  You feel the best of you is gone.

You’re tired of standing on the sidelines of your own life.
It feels like there’s something missing. That magical puzzle piece just hasn’t fallen into place.  You know there’s more to you, something deeper and richer but you don’t know what it is or where to find it.  Life is passing you by.
I was you.  My pain is your pain.
Years ago my weight was out of control and I was struggling with health issues.  I know where you’re at.  And sister! It isn’t fun. There is no pain as great as that which comes from feeling like you are far from your best self. No cookie ever fixed that problem.  I understand you.
There is a solution. I can help.
I’m on a mission to share what I’ve learned about losing weight and reconnecting with my best self, once and for all. I’ve done the healing, through doing the hard work on myself first and getting results so positive I couldn’t believe it!

Now I want to help you. It’s my life’s work. I can help you solve your wellness problems.
Personal Transformation is
My Story is Just Like Yours
I was ordinary, overweight and purposeless. When I was 40, I was a newly divorced single mother, overweight, tired and depressed. 
I had to remember how to care for myself again.
I set out to reinvent myself.  I began to lift weights and competed in my first bodybuilding competition at 42. This was only the beginning. Once I figured out the “secret sauce” to eating and moving my body I knew I HAD to share it with the world.

I became a New York Times best-selling author, founder of the Eat-Clean Diet® health revolution, health and wellness expert, Star of a Gemini Award Winning reality TV show, and physique competitor.
You are stronger than you know.
Between 2011 and 2013 my stepson, Braden and second husband, Robert passed. Bankruptcy and the loss of my business followed. My life landed in ashes.

I knew how to Eat Clean and exercise but there was something missing. I searched for ways to soothe my heart and to calm my anxious mind and racing heart.
I know what it feels like to lose my way and find it again.
I discovered the missing link in my wellness and have found that bringing all three together is what will bring you the long-lasting health you desire, no matter what life throws at you. The 3 E’s ~ Eating Clean, Exercise and Emotional Self-care ~ together create the trifecta of wellness.
Wellness is NOT simply the absence of disease or losing weight.
True wellness is the dynamic pursuit of three principles I have termed The 3Es of Wellness: Eat clean, Exercise and Emotional self care. These are the pillars this new Group Coaching Program is based on.

They must be done together.
Can you imagine
Potential to lose 3-5 pounds per week
Sleep soundly and wake up feeling rested
Clear your mind and find your focus
Improve your mood, energy and find joy again
Reconnect to your vitality. Feel ALIVE again!
Reclaim younger-looking, glowing skin and hair
Get excited about your life again.
my new 3 Es Group Coaching Program —
a 3-month program designed to help you achieve wellness in all aspects of your life.
Welcome to my signature group coaching program, based on the 3 pillars of wellness: Eat clean, Exercise and Emotional self care.
This 12 week, content-rich program is your blueprint to wellness.

I’ve devoted decades of effort and experience to developing the Eat Clean system.

The 3Es group coaching program is the result. It is a system that works for your life, based on immutable laws of wellness and thousands of hours of experience.

Using my proven 3Es blueprint will speed up your weight loss to wellness journey. It will deliver powerful results, driving a healthier, happier more fulfilled life.
  • Tosca's Proven Blueprint that delivers results
  • Weekly Zoom calls to provide community and accountability while learning the 3Es system.
  • Access to hundreds of resources designed to completely shift your state of wellbeing into high-octane energy
  • Support through the group, experts, and Tosca Reno herself
  • You'll be enveloped in a circle of expert coaching and tough love throughout the program and beyond
No more stressing about what to do, eat or think.
The 3Es proven plan gives you the confidence to take action on your wellness goals and succeed.
Personal transformation is always possible with the correct system. This is it!

This program contains EVERYTHING you need to succeed at weight loss. The system will help you correct your habits in order to build the healthy life you've been longing for.
The 3Es Group Coaching Program comprises three main pillars:
Pillar 1 - Eat Clean
I’ve paced out your wellness blueprint, creating a sound foundation for long-lasting wellness. Do this once and build a rock-solid platform so you never have to do it again, just tweak and adjust as needed. Using my 12 week proven plan will give you the confidence to Eat Clean, learn the principles, and never guess at nutrition again.
Pillar 2 - Exercise
Your wellness self-care program would not be complete without a solid exercise plan. I know for many, that the idea of using weights and exercise equipment can generate fear and uncertainty. The training programs included in this program are the ones I have used myself. I know they work and I know how to turn things around metabolically speaking, so you can be lean and energetic at any age. It’s a 12 Week Periodized Fitness Plan designed to invigorate your metabolism, boost your cardiovascular health, build overall strength and of course those beautifully sculpted muscles you’ve been wanting
Pillar 3 - Emotional Self-Care
The final piece of your wellness blueprint is Emotional Self-care. It’s a piece of the puzzle of wellness that was missing for me, and judging by much of your correspondence with me, it’s yours too. I am creating space in your weekly wellness work for reconnecting with your deeper self. Through journaling, meditation and practicing gratitude, among the many self-care habits, you will build a stronger self and from this abundance will flow.
take a sneak peEk at the topics covered inside
the 3 e's Group Coaching Program
Click the Pillar above to preview what you'll learn
Eat Clean
The topics in Pillar #1- Eat Clean, are selected to help guide you through the step by step plan of creating a Clean Living environment that will support your efforts.  You’ll know what to eat, how to eat on the run, how to nourish your mind through sound choices and when to do these things.  You will have enough clean recipes, all original and nutritionally balanced, to feed yourself and your loved ones without the guesswork.  You'll also have modifications for gluten-free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan. 
Topics covered in Pillar #1 - Eat Clean include:
How to stock your pantry and Eat Clean on a budget
Food swaps
Understanding macros - carbs, fat, and protein demystified!
The breakfast makeover
Snacks and planning your day
Creating a balanced plate
Tradition food prep methods
Meal planning
And more!
Plus each week you’ll receive a meal plan, grocery list and recipe guide to take all the guesswork out of eating clean and fueling your body with real food!
What you will learn:
  • How to meal plan like a champion and Eat Clean without breaking the bank.
  • Cook delicious healthy meals your whole family will love.
  • How to choose foods to support fat loss, hormone balancing without sacrificing the joy of eating.
The topics in Pillar #2- Exercise, are selected to help guide you through the step by step plan of creating a Clean Living gym environment, that will support your physical training efforts. You’ll know what body part(s) to train, how to train them and how to correctly perform the exercises.  You’ll learn about sets and reps and and you’ll learn the movements I use myself to properly train and maximize fat burning.
Topics covered in Pillar #2 - Exercise include:
An in-depth Getting Started Guide including tips for beginners and how to get started with movement
A Home Workout Equipment Guide - what you need and where to get it (it’s simpler than you think!)
Tips on how to create your workout space at home or at the gym
Over 70 instructional videos walking you through the proper technique and form on all my favourite exercises...I’ll be right there with you guiding you through each rep
Tips on how to modify OR advance each exercise to suit your individual needs
Weekly, downloadable, workout schedules so you don’t have to think about a thing
What You’ll Learn
  • Exactly what equipment to use to achieve results at home or at the gym so that you’ll never be intimidated by a kettlebell again
  • How to get lean, tight muscles at any age ~ seriously!
  • The movements I use myself to train safe and maximize fat burning (highlighted in more than 70 instructional videos)
  • How to modify or advance each movement to suit your individual needs
Emotional Self-care
The topics in Pillar #3 - Emotional Self-care, are selected to help guide you through the step by step plan of creating a Clean Living emotional self-care environment, that will support the healing of and the creation of a sound head and heart space.  You’ll learn how to meditate, journal, and connect with your heart and your soul.  You’ll learn how to connect with that long lost self.  You will find your purpose and show up in life with a fullness and joy that you deserve.
Topics covered in Pillar #3 - Emotional self-care
Defining your purpose
Connecting to your intuition
Practicing gratitude and cultivating optimism
The power of affirmations
How to create meaningful morning and evening routines
Meditation and breathwork
Sexuality - yep you bet I’m going there!
Charity and generosity
And more!
What You’ll Learn
  • How to start and end your day feeling nourished and connected so that you can move through your day feeling calm, focused and grounded
  • How to put an end to negative self-talk so that you can fully step into your life and ignite the fire within
  • Why cultivating gratitude, generosity, and forgiveness in your life is the the missing link you’ve been looking for
The 3Es Group Coaching Program provides crystal clear direction on how to achieve optimal wellness and eliminates the guesswork of how to eat, move and care for yourself.
12 Weeks of Eat Clean Video Lessons,  Recipes, Meal Plans and Grocery Lists To Simplify Your Eat Clean Kitchen
12 Weeks of Video Workouts With Step by Step Instructions Including Variations And Modifications For All Fitness Levels
12 Weeks of Emotional Self-Care Video Lessons, Exercises and Support Which Will Strengthen Your Mind To 
Empower Your Soul
Wellness Blueprint Downloads Including Recipes, Meal Plans, Exercise Routines, Emotional Self Care Guides Make The Program Easy To Follow
Continuous Access To New Materials and Training. This Program Will Support You Well Beyond Your Initial 12 Weeks
Facebook Support Community and Live Weekly Group Coaching & Accountability Calls With Tosca 
Amazing Program Bonuses!
A Nutrition Assessment (Nutri-Q) with Tosca within the 12 weeks
When you join the 3Es Group Coaching, you’ll be able to take advantage of a very powerful tool that I use, called NUTRI-Q.

With this tool, we can gauge your nutrient status and identify opportunities for adjusting your nutrition in a positive way, so that you know where to make changes, feel better, and get the results you are looking for.

This is a game changer!
Fat Burning Virtual Bootcamp
No more second-guessing your workout technique.

I’ll be right there with you to guide you through each and every Fat Burning exercise to help you perfect your form, keep you injury-free and of course... keep your motivation sky high.

I’m a pretty great workout buddy if I do say so myself!
Guided Meditation
Meditation is the ultimate Emotional Self-care tool.

But whether you’re a seasoned meditation pro or a complete newbie, we could all use a little help!

My guided meditations make it simple. Just press play, breathe and let me guide you to a more relaxed state of mind.
Value: $197
You’ll leave this BRAND new 30 minute cooking class led by me armed with simple Eat Clean cooking techniques, tips and tricks for healthy meal prep and of course some delicious Eat Clean recipes. Kitchen confidence is just around the corner! 
 You will achieve weight loss and optimal health, helping you create abundance and the life of your dreams.
Your Wellness Is Worth It. Don’t miss out!
This group coaching program based on the 3Es of Wellness is open for enrollment until Sunday, January 29 and won’t be available again until Summer 2023.
Secure your spot now!
I’ve Packed This Program With ALL Of My Expert Guidance!
 Let Me Be Your Wellness Coach
No more guessing!
No more feeling like a failure!
No more excuses!
Just take a look at what I’ve put together for you!
  • Over 70 exercise videos included - work out with me!
  • 12 weeks worth of meal plans, original recipes, and detailed Grocery Lists.
  • More than 100 original, Eat Clean™ recipes.
  • More than 90+ videos about Eating Clean, Exercise and Emotional Well-being, walking you through each topic, step by step.
  • More than 70 PDFs bursting with practical information.
  • Weekly group coaching and accountability calls with Tosca and team. Private Facebook Community 
  • Ongoing access to your program resources
  • BONUS: Nutrition Assessment (Nutri-Q) with Tosca
  • BONUS: Fat Burning Virtual  Bootcamp with Tosca
  • BONUS: Guided Meditation with Tosca
What people are saying
I feel more energized and sleep so much better!  I love eating real food and the meal plans are easy to do, even foods I never would have thought to eat are so delicious.

My emotional well being has also improved - no negatives thought are allowed and when I get down on myself I put Tosca’s words of wisdom to use and think positive thoughts.
- janelle reedy
This is the first program that I have been very successful on.  The recipes are delicious and I haven't felt deprived a single day.  I've lost just over 9 lbs in the middle of week 6 and I feel amazing!

This is the program I've been looking for!  I've tried other diets and found after about 5 days I'm burned out and fall back into the habit of eating sugar again.  With the 3 E's program I don't feel deprived at all because the menu is so varied.  I swear the power balls have saved my life!  I eat them when I'm craving a treat and it has worked so well for me.  Now that I'm well into week 6 of this program and eating exactly the way I am supposed to, I feel so grateful to Tosca for coming up with this program. I joined Facebook ONLY because I wanted to be a part of the 3 E's FB group to get more support.  I love Tosca's videos and how she responds so quickly to the groups questions/concerns.  I fully intend to stick with the clean eating lifestyle, thank you again Tosca and team.
- Lori Leisch
It’s been action-packed and a whirlwind start. I didn’t sit still for a minute and my steps taken each day were off the chart this week!!!!! More than I’ve done in a long time. One thing I’m super thankful for is I had the energy to keep up with the three of those little guys under the age of six! A huge praise! I did not weigh myself all week.

I stepped on the scale this morning and I am down a total of 14.5 pounds. I say that not to pat myself on the back in anyway. But I was totally shocked and incredibly thankful for you ladies and for this program. My mindset is changing with each choice I make about food and keeping myself active. I am so thankful for this community!
- Susan Brodien Barr
I am your Master Wellness Warrior.
I’ve mastered the steps to Health and Wellness and now I’m sharing every last detail with you in this program.
With more than 20 years of blood, sweat, and tears in the fitness and nutrition industry, I’m not holding anything back!

I’ll be that person in your corner cheering you on when you feel like you can’t take another step. And I’ll also be the coach who throws down the tough love when it’s needed. Sometimes we all need a kick in the pants!
I’ll be walking with you every step of the way on this path.
Now it’s your time. Won’t you walk with me?
unlock your energy
grow your confidence
You will have at your fingertips, the core wellness strategies to help you be and feel your best yet. It’s a 12-week program that is the beginning of your new life.
You will look fabulous, feel frisky and fun again, have loads of energy, glow from the inside out, radiate love and joy, attract abundance in all aspects of your life and finally be that lean, fantastic woman you have always wanted to be.
You will be that woman who will post her story in my Facebook community who says, “OMG! I never thought I could do it. I’ve been overweight and depressed and now I’m getting compliments from the postman and my husband. He’s acting like my boyfriend again. LOL!”
It’s time for YOU to step into the role of Wellness Warrior. You are more than worth fighting for. 
The 3Es Group Coaching Program is the culmination of all my knowledge, packed into one easy-to-follow blueprint, with weekly guidance from me to light the way.
  • $70.00 - $100.00 /hr
  • 12 week meal plan taking
    24 hours at $85/hour
COST: $2040.00
personal trainer
  • $40.00 - $90.00 /hr
  • 5 times/week for
    12 weeks at $60.00/hr
COST: $3600.00
life coach
  • $100.00 - $100.00 /hr
  • 1hour/week
    for 12 weeks
COST: $2400.00
I have plenty to say in support of SS2, Tosca, clean eating and support of the community on the FB page! I’m literally peeling off layers of my body but also emotions I’ve been masking with food and alcohol. I feel so empowered.
- Allison Zelles Lloyd
The 3Es Group Coaching Program is for you if:
  • Are stuck, sick and tired of trying to lose weight but unable to reach your goal
  • Want raw, real truth about how to achieve wellness
  • Want a selfless, expert guide to coach you along the way - that would be me!
  • Struggle with lack of self worth
  • Are experiencing life hurdles that have hijacked your life
  • Have trouble being consistent with your wellness efforts
  • Want to know how to eat properly using Eat Clean principles that work
The 3Es Group Coaching Program is NOT for you if:
  • Not willing to make a commitment to your wellness
  • Love excuses
  • Don’t love detailed plans
  • Aren’t coachable
  • Have no interest in transforming yourself
  • Don’t care to receive abundance
  • Not willing to invest in your entire wellness
  • Are okay with where you are

You will keep access to this program so you can do it over and over again.  You will also get continued access to the group coaching and accountability calls with Tosca.  Lastly anytime Tosca adds bonuses or new parts to the program you will also get access to these.
In what format will I receive the program content and resources?
This is a 100% digital program. You will receive all content via email in downloadable PDF and video format in a private member’s portal.

Myself and team are available throughout the program and after to support you in accessing all course materials so the tech never stands in the way of your wellness.
I’m new to working out. Is this the right program for me?
You don’t need to be a superstar athlete to take advantage of the exercise programs I have put together for you.

The videos show you exactly how to do the movements, most of them without pricey gym equipment. This program is perfect for all fitness levels!
I’m not confident in the kitchen and my food tastes awful. How easy are the recipes to make?
Time is your most valuable asset and you don’t want to spend it all in the kitchen. My Eat Clean recipes are easy to follow, use readily available ingredients and taste delicious.

There are hundreds of recipes to choose from and you don’t have to be a chef to make them.  Many people say my recipes become family favourites. I think you’ll agree.
I have allergies or dietary restrictions (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.) Will the meal plans work for me?
Each recipe contains a legend showing the various food elements it does or doesn’t contain. It will be easy to figure out what recipe will work for your personalized style of eating.
Is this a women’s only program or can my husband and family participate too?

This program is perfect for all members of your family. The results achieved by sticking to this all encompassing wellness program will result in your family living a healthier clean lifestyle. Success is always easier when you work together.
I’m busy! How many hours per week do I need to dedicate to this program?
Your health and wellness is worth your time! The goal of this program is to encourage success in all aspects of your wellness. 

Each of us is different and the program is flexible so you can complete it at your own pace. 
How much personal support do i get from tosca?
In my private Facebook group you will have access to myself and team along with a loving community of other women looking to improve their wellness.  You will also get exclusive access to live weekly group coaching calls via Zoom.
What if I’m not computer savvy or on Facebook? Will an online program work for me?
I’m not amazingly tech savvy either but as the creator of this program, I made certain to keep it simple and easy to follow.

Yes, this online program will work for you because I’ve laid it out in small, easy to digest portions. Joining the Facebook Group is recommended but not a requirement of the program.
Do you offer refunds?
This is a digital program and once purchased you get instant access to our Membership and program assets.  All program material is copyright protected, so we don’t offer refunds after purchase.

Experience the 3Es Group Coaching Program so you can put yourself first again.

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